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Friday, February 14, 2014

happy fourteenth day of February

Do you really need a marked day on the calendar to proclaim your love to the person that you love? I don't. But that doesn't mean that we wouldn't celebrate what's today. It doesn't matter. I love him everyday. In short, I love him. PS: I also made chocolates for you, Haru. I hope they're better than what Tohru made. No hard feelings, Tohru-san.

I'm still A- Okay. 7:01 PM

Saturday, February 01, 2014

this is my year?

It's the year of the wooden horse. It's supposed to be my year, so I guess my life is expected to change. There isn't much to complain in life, but I hope that fortune finds me this year. As someone who's the incarnate of the horse from the Chinese zodiac, I find it funny that people say that it would be hard to have a relationship with someone of the ox. I can't say that they're wrong. It is hard, but the hardship isn't driving me crazy. I'm not losing money from it. I'd say that it's worthwhile, and that my life depends on him. I can't imagine spending my life with someone else. They can say whatever they want about our incompatibility, but I can say that it's not so bad based from my first hand experience.

I'm still A- Okay. 11:14 PM

Saturday, October 19, 2013

yes, I need you

I wish you'd hear my heart that only beats your name. You're my one and only happiness. My life gets limited whenever you're not beside me. I always ask if you'd be with me again. Tonight feels so cold like no other. Will it be cold tomorrow night as well? Every stolen moment, I wish you'd stay beside me. I need you, because my life is incomplete when you're not here. I wish you'd be here when I wake up. In my arms, I will embrace you with all I have. I promise you that I won't let you go. My love will not falter with my heart that you claimed. My fate is different from what I have decided when you entered my life, my love. I need you so bad. I wish that you'd be with me when I open my eyes. Can you hear my heart that only beats your name?

I'm still A- Okay. 9:43 PM

Saturday, January 08, 2011

dig your old favorites

I ask myself where did the time go? I woke up this morning while it was raining outside. I used to like the rain when I was a child. I don't know why or when I started thinking rain's becoming an annoyance. How can I go back to when I loved the cold air in my room while tucked in my bed? How can I go back to when I love the rhythm it makes on the roof? How can I go back to when I enjoy opening the window and being sprayed by the breathe of the rain?

When I went to the living room, I opened the TV. Cartoons were on. I changed the channel to the weather news. I used to love watching cartoons-- especially in the mornings. When did I start getting tired of watching them? Maybe I forgot when. But I don't find them magical anymore.

I think it's sad when we start to lose interest of certain things we enjoy in the past. Isn't it possible to continue liking them? In this world where it's a race to be noticed, a race to become rich, a race to have the best or be the best, are we having fun in life? Fun. It's funny how children do things for fun. While adults look for things that would be fun. In the end, we still long for it even when we grow up.

Why do we start falling away from our old habits that we loved to do? It may have something to do with innocence, perhaps. Nevertheless, it's these precious memories that would serve as my guide. I guess it won't hurt if I start watching cartoons in the morning again, or stay still when it's raining, or enjoy a hot coco in the morning without rushing it. Who's in a hurry to grow up anyway? Everyone gets old.

I'm still A- Okay. 9:19 AM

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

looks around

To Rin:

I couldn't understand what my heart feels whenever I hold your hands. I pray that we be together always. Wishing that you're at my side every time, when I do whatever, you're the only one in my mind. I hope we won't get separated now and forever. You're the only one I love. You're the only one I wish for. To be with you, forever, you're all I need and I wouldn't ask for anything else. I don't want to let those things I don't want to remember to happen again. When you're not with me, each moment, it hurts me. Don't forget that even though things have changed, I never stopped loving you. To everything that I do, you're all in that I could think. I wish we wouldn't leave each other. I wouldn't ask for anything but you. To be with you for the rest of my life, I wouldn't ask for anything else.

- Haru


I wonder if Haru put it under my door. I don't know what to feel, should I be embarrassed, should I laugh, should I be happy, should I what? It doesn't fit Haru writing such cheesy lines. Sigh. But I love the warmth that was put in this letter.

"Should I write back?"

I'm still A- Okay. 9:29 PM

Isuzu Sohma, 17-18 who is also called Rin, is the Horse of the Chinese Zodiac. She is often called Rin by a few members of the family because 'suzu' translates to 'small bell' in Japanese, and 'Rin' is the sound a small bell makes.

Apparently, she and Hatsuharu used to have a close sexual relationship together, until Akito found out about it and hurt Rin severely, causing her to be admitted to the hospital for some time. When Hatsuharu visited her while she was in the hospital, Rin broke up with him, without giving any reason why. It is later known that she didn't want him to be hurt by Akito if they continued the relationship.

Rin's character is somewhat cold and angst-ridden. She thinks of Tohru Honda as an annoyance to the Sohmas, but eventually warms up to her little by little because of the kindness Tohru gives in return. She only appears in the manga, not in the anime.

She is famous for her tough and independent nature and her darkly exquisite sexiness within the Sohma family. Also, she is known for a trait of her zodiac animal: sheer stubbornness and independence. Anyone who usually tries to go against those feelings get a taste of Rin's high-heel boots.


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